Published on Oct 23, 2019
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In this long vlog (22min) I talk about my new approach to Steem.

I'm separating the investment from my own usage of the platform.

I never got into Steem because of the politics, I just wanted to have fun and I had a dream that maybe one day I could become financially independent trough it.

Proof of Brain is not about the best content.

It is about you finding a way to get out of Steem what you want to get out of it by using your brain.

If you want to be rewarded for your content...figure it out.

If you want to have just fun....figure it out.

If you want to invest and get a decent ROI...figure it out.

If you want to play games and earn while doing so...figure it out.

If you want to build a profitable application on Steem...figure it out.

You have to ask yourself what you want out of Steem and then just do it using your brain.

There is no third person here, It's just you and the blockchain and everyone else.

The only things that change from time to time are the dynamics and rules of the blockchain through a Hard Fork.

When a Hard Fork happens adjust accordingly.

What do I want out of Steem currently?

  1. I want to have fun making content and play Splinterlands

  2. I want my investment to generate a decent Roi.

  3. I want Steem to grow.

  1. I can't have fun making content if I have to worry about politics and being scrutinized. So I eliminated everything that can possibly have an influence on that. Everything I post now can be judged by #newsteem accordingly and I don't have to worry about it. It's all about fun and about what I want to write about. It gives me peace of mind. Splinterlands doesn't have politics btw so I can just play and have fun whenever I want.

  2. I enjoy investment stability and I get that with Dlease. Therefore part of my stake is delegated to other Steemians wanting a lease for a decent ROI. I don't have to worry about the EIP or anything else interfering with that return. It comes in automatically.

  3. I want Steem to grow and one way I can do that is by manually curating content.

Ultimately, I don't know what other people want to get out of Steem. I leave it up to you to figure it out and then I would suggest you go for it!

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