Published on Jun 30, 2020
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The Sickness is REAL...

But we found a way to Escape from it today. Even if only for a short time.

This little back corner of the lot. A truck / RV park area of Cabelas in Kansas City, KS. Is a...

Lil' Slice '0' Paradise...

As I am typing this... a truck is leaving. Sammi Jo seemed a little concerned. But did not panic.

I can count the number of cars that have driven thru here on my fingers and toes. But I am gonna leave my shoes on. No sandy beach or swimmin' pools here. But as close to a "Slice -O- Paradise" as We are gonna see out here on the road.

When you are tied to a "Big Truck," this is bout as good as it gets. I will not leave the truck unattended or out of site for long. Mainly due to the Zombie Hordes. The Filth of Humanity that walks among us.

"Bad Shit Happens"

And not just to other people. Many times it has
been me. Here are just a few of the many shitty things that I have had happen to me over the years...

1995 Truck broken into, everything stolen.

2004 mugged in downtown Detroit. $24 dollars stolen. Flagged down a city cop @ 4am to tell them what just happened and get directions.

They laughed at me and said "Your Lucky that is All They Took..." Assholes!

2014 ran into by a "Crazy Bitch" trying to scam truck companies for insurance money. She spent 20 min on the phone. After hitting me, Then fell down holding her neck. Cops showed up at 47 minute mark. Tow truck and ambulance had already been there 15+ minutes. An angry MOB had formed. Thank god for video, a good witness, and a really cool local cop that says people try that fraud shit all the time. "Crazy Bitch" tried to sue the company I lease my truck to three times with three different lawyers. SMFH

2016 I was hit by a "Drunk Driver..."
Now here is the kicker...
It was her second attempt at vehicular suicide. This shit is all true and documented folks...

I am NOT makin' this SHIT up!

2019 Backed into by a car hauler who... "Hit and Ran." It was dark and raining so the video cams did not get a license plate or color of the truck. I was only out of the truck and away for 6-8 minutes to use the restroom and grab a drink.

That is only a few of the reasons I can not enjoy life out here on the Road. I have a stiff neck 24/7 from keeping my head on a swivel to try and... "Dodge the next Bullet..!"

So if today, @ Cabelas, is as good as it gets, we will gladly take it.

One thing I have learned in the nearly 30 years of life on the road...

"Bad Shit" is gonna happen...

Did I mention we are at Cabelas?

What a cool place...

Even with the security they got here, I could not spend more than 40-45 minutes inside due to the paranoia of what life will hit me with next.

This is my C̶U̶R̶S̶E̶ Career...

So back to reality... and most times reality Sucks!

Keep on KrazzyTrukkin'....!!!

KrazzyTrukker™ & The KrazyTrukkerKitz™

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