Us and Them


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    Us and them. The guy in the park walking his dog at precisely 12 noon on a Wednesday. The woman who works in the cafe on the seafront. The teacher, the prostitute, the entrepreneur and the alcoholic bum hanging out on the street corner. That cool-looking guy walking down the street all suited and booted, who are they and why do you so desperately want to fit in? Do you enjoy pretending to be like them? I can see you, each and every one of you, performing as though your very lives depended on it, teaching your children how to be like them, aiming for the highest accolade of acceptance, as you attempt to deliver the ultimate Oscar-winning performance, mimicking their particular styles and behaviours.
    Who are they anyway? Are you happy wearing those outfits of illusion? Do you like to indulge in the fakery? I know you're struggling to continue this charade and be one of the clones perpetuating the cycle of illusion, either blend in or be outcast as some kind of a weird loner, is your daily mantra. I hear you, I've said the mantra myself many times and heard it playing relentlessly in the echo chambers that surround me. We all carry a hidden truth within, and sometimes we ask ourselves the question: why am I here and what is the purpose of my life? What is this treadmill of existence?
    Too much exercise on the treadmill is exhausting, admit it, you are already burned out. The funny thing is that the more you exercise on the treadmill to get fit, the more unfit you become. Slowing down, you start to watch the other people running on their hamster wheels, getting nowhere fast. People say: "You should get out more", and you think to yourself, but I am out, I have stepped outside the box of limitation, and I'm watching the rest of you running around like headless chickens, going about their business. Is this what survival of the fittest really looks like? What if you suggested this concept of stepping outside the box to another? Would they accept the challenge and do it? Perhaps they have already done it and just like you they are waiting for the others to come and find them. Everyone holds a skeleton key that will open just about any door of perception we choose to walk through, just ask them, and you'll find out. Be strong, bold and courageous. Dear human, open your heart to new concepts and communicate your innate truth. State it loud and clear. Show people the way, be the way, and then 'they' become the way.

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    poetry art creativity life writing

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