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Two days ago I have published my vlog with a provocative title named Money or Knowledge - Which One Would You Pick?, and it got a nice amount of comments... It was interesting to see different views about that, but most of them were coming from similar thinking... Thinking that knowledge will/can/could lead us to the money...

Even more interesting thing is that today's video I have recorded BEFORE that one from 2 days ago, but it's perfect as a continuation to it, which sounds even weirder... lol... But, that probably proves that time isn't linear, as we usually think, but things to get into the right place at the right time...

A couple of weeks ago, I have seen an interesting YouTube video called Government Explained, where the author has created a short animated movie where the man tries to explain to an alien how our government work... It isn't a high-tech cartoon, so don't expect too much from the graphics point of view, but the message is very powerful... You can check the video here:

The video itself it's good, but it's not my today's topic... It was the reaction to this video that has inspired me to create this vlog... It started when I have shared this video to a CTP Discord room, and Rob (our master whale :) ) has reacted to it that he just spent 10 minutes watching something that he already knew...

Well, that is also OK, as most of the people do know all that this video says... And people do know a lot of things in general... If you just think about all the things that you have learned in school, and during your life, you will acknowledge that you KNOW things... But, sometimes, that's not enough... It's not enough to be smart, intelligent, talented...

The more important thing is to USE that ability, intelligence, knowledge... And how do we do that? We take ACTION! We spread the word about the things that we know, about things that we are experts in... If we don't do that, all our knowledge exists only in our head and doesn't serve anything...

Check out the video for more things about this...

In the end, I would like to make an update of my current numbers (August 23th, 2020 - monthly target 80%) on #MyHiveGoals:

HIVE POWER - 15,660 / 20,000    78.30%
CTP POWER - 120,699 / 150,000   80.46%
HIVE Followers - 312 / 333      93.69%
LBRY Followers - 1025 / 1,500   68.33%

The #MyHiveGoals situation is getting more and more clear what will I accomplish and what probably not... Actually, I'm an optimist for #hive goal, and the LBRY goal probably will not be met... but, we will see... I have 4 months to go...

Join us in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! You can find the original post about the challenge by @robwillmann here: https://peakd.com/myhivegoals/@robwillmann/new-challenge-myhivegoals-set-and-achieve-your-goals

Thank you for your time,


Link to my initial post is here

These are my initial (and starting) goals for 2020 on June 1st, 2020 and this #MyHiveGoals Challenge

HIVE POWER - 12,092 / 20,000    60.46%
CTP POWER - 98,148 / 150,000    65.43%
HIVE Followers - 222 / 333      66.67%
LBRY Followers - 648 / 1,500    43.20%

Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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